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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose The BMW 5 Series 520d

Searching for a car which fulfills all your business needs can be tricky – it should be comfortable, but also efficient. With the BMW 5 Series 520d xDrive, released earlier this year, we have found you just the right balance of the two.

There is a finesse to its interior, so clients can be driven around in style and your company will certainly look the part. In terms of the performance element, it ticks all the right boxes too; a sporty style combines with excellent driving dynamics, meaning you will be left totally satisfied after leasing this model.


Driving an automatic vehicle always makes for a pleasant experience, particularly when traveling long distances on a frequent basis to meet with clients. The 520d xDrive is 70kg lighter than its predecessor, so you will find its handling smoother and more adept. Handy extras are included too – the excellent Driving Assistant Plus programme, for example, allows you to drive semi-autonomously in traffic jams and on motorways. All these combine to make the commute just that little less arduous.


It is clear when you glance over the interior that time and effort has been spent in getting the layout right; the finish has an upmarket design to it, while the infotainment system on the dashboard has everything you could possibly need - including ability to connect to emails and a clever 3D parking system. Traveling long distances becomes effortless thanks to all these features and, with all the added bells and whistles, it has been said to stand up to rivals Mercedes.

Financial sense

If you are a business owner, we know that you are likely keen on keeping the cost of travel expenses down as much as possible. At 60.1 mpg, you’ll be spending less time filling up at the pumps and more time actually travelling to meetings. Plus, lower CO2 emissions (124g/km) make this an environmentally friendly choice.

To see our latest offer on the BMW 5 Series, visit the 360 Vehicle Management site.

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Posted on 17th July 2017 at 3:34 PM

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