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360s Guide To Fair Wear And Tear

Having looked through our website and decided upon a car you’d like to lease, you may be asking yourself what we view as an acceptable condition in which to return the vehicle at the end of the contract. Here is 360 Vehicle Management’s guide to ‘Fair Wear & Tear’…


We accept the car will have some minor stone chips – after all, these are inevitable when driving on British roads! However, dents must be less than 10mm, with no visible paint damage to the bodywork. Light scratches, scruffs and chipping are allowed up to 25mm, providing the moulding remains intact.


Bumpers can have light surface scratches and scuffs, provided these are easy to polish off.

•Door Mirrors

We accept minor scuffing on door mirrors, provided that the paintwork still remains intact.

•Wheels & Tyres

Minor abrasions must be less than 50mm in length. All 4 tyres must exceed the minimum legal tread depth, while marks and scuffs should be easy to polish out.


The interior of the vehicle should be clean and tidy, with only light wear evident through normal use. We accept some minimal scratching to the plastic trim.

•Glass & Lamps

We allow light scratching and scuff marks up to 25mm on headlights, as long as these do not interfere with a driver’s line of sight. All lamps must be in good working order too.

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Posted on 1st August 2017 at 11:19 AM

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