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Our Reaction To The Tesla Model 3 Reveal

On Friday 28th July, Elon Musk revealed Tesla’s latest production – the Model 3. Described during his speech to those gathered outside their factory in Fremont, California as ‘a mass market affordable car’, it comes just after the UK government's announcement that the sale of all petrol and diesel cars will be banned in our country by 2040.

So, with electric cars set to become a common feature on our roads in the future, Tesla look to have developed a real gem with their latest saloon model. We’ve broken down every feature Musk presented to his audience during the big reveal and give you our own reaction and insights below.

Standard Features

•Safety – this was the first thing mentioned during the presentation, and is quite rightly a priority for both producer and buyer. During recent crash testing posted by Tesla on their Twitter page, it looks as though the Model 3 absorbs a shock much better than a standard non-electric car.

•Speed - 0-60mph can be done in under 6 seconds in the base Model 3, with other versions set to be able to travel much faster. Impressive considering the price of the vehicle.

•Range – you will receive at least 220 miles per charge with the standard Model 3.

•Autopilot modes - The future of autonomous driving is growing ever closer and with autopilot hardware and safety coming as standard, you’ll be fully prepared for any technological advances by purchasing this model.

Comfort & Design

 •The Model 3 comfortably fits 5 adults without sacrificing any leg room, so is spacious enough for the whole family.

•The roof design is unique and makes the Model 3 really stand out; having one continuous pane of glass adds to the overall feeling of openness.

•With both front and rear boot space, it has more cargo capacity than any gas car currently on the market.


•You can super charge to 130 miles of range within 30 minutes, offering the freedom of travelling long distances without having to worry about running out of power.

 •The latest model can adapt to any country’s voltage or amperage – meaning if there is electricity available, it can be charged up no matter where you are in the world!

The Model 3 comes in at a total cost of $35,000 (approx. £26,650). Musk’s statement that ‘there is no better car for the price, even if you choose not to add any extra options’, looks to be a strongly supported one considering the quality of car you receive.

Another point the Tesla chief mentioned was a general increase in the amount of production within his company; he expects their new ‘Gigafactory’ to produce the most advanced batteries in the world and rank second only behind Washington’s Boeing factory in terms of overall volume created. This would push Tesla to the masses and bring driving into the future.

Our verdict:

All this is great news for those consumers who are looking to purchase their first electric car. The Model 3 is affordable and has a smart appearance; following its big reveal and Musk’s comments, the future of Tesla looks to be very exciting indeed.

You can see Elon Musk's reveal on Tesla's YouTube channel.

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Posted on 1st August 2017 at 10:49 AM

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